Day 129: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (Barenboim)

This morning begins the final leg of my 144-day exploration of the nine major symphonies Bruckner wrote. However, on Day 145 I will do something I didn’t originally plan to do – go back to Symphony No. 1, with seven more conductors from seven additional CD box sets that I had omitted (intentionally or inadvertently) … [Read more…]

Day 117: Symphony No. 8 in C Minor (Haitink)

ANNOUNCEMENT: I made a decision this morning whilst I sat, alone, in the darkened upper floor of the local Panera. I recently discovered seven more box sets of Bruckner’s symphonies. I don’t know why I wasn’t aware of them before I started this blog. But, because of my Bruckner project, readers brought them to my … [Read more…]