Day 129: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (Barenboim)

This morning begins the final leg of my 144-day exploration of the nine major symphonies Bruckner wrote. However, on Day 145 I will do something I didn’t originally plan to do – go back to Symphony No. 1, with seven more conductors from seven additional CD box sets that I had omitted (intentionally or inadvertently) … [Read more…]

Day 69: Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major (Haitink)

Ladies and gents, this is what my wife and I encountered this morning at 6am when we pulled into the parking lot of a local restaurant to sit, sip some coffee, and listen to Haitink’s interpretation of Bruckner’s Fifth. Welcome to Hell – I mean, Michigan – in early December. This morning’s conductor of Anton … [Read more…]

Day 31: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Tintner)

This morning’s conductor of Anton Bruckner’s “Symphony of Pauses” (Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, WAB 102) is Georg Tintner (1917-1999), the Austrian-born composer/conductor I first heard a couple of years ago on a Classical radio station which was, if I recall correctly, playing one of Tintner’s performances of a Bruckner symphony. UPDATE: November 6th. … [Read more…]

Day 19: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Schaller)

This morning’s conductor of Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (WAB 102) is Gerd Schaller (1965-), a German conductor highly regarded for recording Bruckner’s works, especially Bruckner’s rarer, less-recorded compositions. The orchestra is Philharmonie Festiva, which is also of high distinction, according to its entry on Wikipedia: The international fame of the Philharmonie … [Read more…]